Saturday, March 2, 2013

Reading is Cool: Photographic Evidence

Far too often I hear people (of all ages) lament that reading is boring; this usually translates into "I've only ever read what I was forced to school." At that point I will typically recommend a book that I think would grab that particular person's attention, which works often enough to at least open them up to the idea of reading on a regular basis. Once you read a really great book, one that you simply can't put down,  the search for more really great books will keep you busy for a lifetime.

Then there are those who say reading simply isn't cool. For those folks I offer the following photographic evidence to the contrary. You may think you're cool, but there's no way you're close to as cool as these people. And they're all reading.

Paul Newman

Frank Sinatra

Darth Vader (reading "Harry Potter")

Johnny Depp

Keith Richards

Ben Affleck

Bob Marley

Grace Kelly

Jennifer Lawrence

James Dean

Stephen King


And no list of cool readers would ever be complete without:


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