Friday, November 19, 2010

Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day

Here's an idea (and a link) that I think is worth sharing. Saturday December 4th is the first annual "Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day."

Organizer Jenny Milchman explained the goal of the event in an interview with Shelf Awareness: "We all know how much children love books. We've all heard them beg for a story, and seen their faces light up as they listen to one. But we think less about how a child would love the place so many books come from.

"A bookstore can lead a child to a book, with guidance and interest from booksellers, in a way that no website or digital device can. It's a place to read, dream, and play. A world of stimulation, and a refuge in a stimulating world.

"In order for bookstores to thrive and flourish in the future, children have to experience the unique pleasures they offer today."

She's summed it up much better than I could, and it's hard to believe no one thought of doing this before. Let all of your friends (and your local booksellers) know about this event.

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